Camp Cart

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The camp cart was an idea I had for adding amenities to my camp setup while towing a boat. Truck campers are too small and expensive, and require a heavy duty pickup. Travel trailers can't be taken along with a boat. Triple combinations are huge and also are not a half ton pickup option.

The camp cart has storage, power, plumbing, and a winch to pull itself into the truck bed. This provides a lot of the camper advantages:

  • Running water and a sink
  • Power and a fridge
  • Dry place to pack up if raining

Fully loaded it weighs only 630lbs, so I can bring it in the back of a half ton truck and tow a boat. The tent that goes with it is 12x20 feet, so lots of room once deployed.


I am most proud of the power. Built-in behind seven magnetic breaker protected circuits is 3.2 kWh of lithium batteries. These can be charged from either 120v or solar with an onboard charge controller for each. There is also a 300 watt inverter with extremely low parasitic consumtion, allowing it to be left on most of the time for charging and lights.


The whole back side of the cart stores the tent, table, chair, and cots. Just roll the cart out of the truck and pitch the tent. Then push the cart into the tent and set everythign else up.

Ready to Go

Inside the Tent

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